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Introducing: Veteran Rank

GM / Jun 29, 2015

Starting this week, we will promoting a few deserving Raiders to Veteran rank. This rank will help us determine who has what it takes to join our mythic runs. We have a few qualities we're looking for and we made sure that the judgement process is fair and that everyone has a chance to be a Veteran.

We will evaluate your performance based on these criteria:

1. Attendance- Pretty straight forward. Don't really need to explain much. Just show up and try not to miss any raid days.

2. Performance- First thing that comes to mind is your DPS and HPS, but it's not the only thing we're looking for. As a Veteran, you're expected to do mechanics well. You're also expected to improve on different aspects of your role. Are you dispelling enough? Are you positioning well? Are you focusing targets you're supposed to? This also includes how quickly you pickup boss mechanics. It's important to note that each raid day should be considered as practice for much harder content we have yet to do. Don't just raid to get loot, raid to improve. Don't ever expect to get carried. If you're having trouble with a certain boss fight, do your research for that fight. Your class/spec isn't an excuse. Also, don't be afraid to ask guildies who are doing better than you. They will be more willing to help if you ask nicely.

3. Reliability- We expect Veteran raiders to perform well when they're assigned to do specific mechanics. You may be picked to do things that you normally don't do (ex: runes, visions group) or have you change spec for a fight. We may also assign you to call stuff out during the raid if necessary. Versatile raiders are really helpful to the group so you already have an advantage if you're able to play more than 1 role well. We also expect you to have a decent working computer and not have to worry about you lagging or disconnecting.

There you have it! We're confident that most of our raiders have the ability to be a Veteran. It's all up to you if you want to step up and improve. We already have a few candidates that we will announce. If you don't get promoted, don't panic! There's a lot of time to improve and we believe in you guys to do so!

Reminder: Please show up to Tuesday's raid if you want to keep your spot. This is pretty important because we will be closing recruitment depending on this week's attendance. This really applies more to the healers, we've been short on healers lately. But it will also help if everyone actually shows up so we know who's actually interested in raiding.

Thanks for reading!

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I like this. I look forward to meeting these requirements.
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