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First week of Hellfire Citadel Recap (Also: Attendance and Recruiting)

GM / Jun 25, 2015
I just want to congratulate everyone for a job well done this week! Not going to say it was perfect, but overall, I think we did good! We still need to improve on a few mechanics especially since we're practicing for heroic mode. All I ask from everyone is to learn the mechanics better so we can down more bosses next week so we can do heroic soon. We will do Heroic as soon as we clear Normal.

We had really good communication for the most part this week and I think that's really important to note. Iskar required a whole lot of communication and we had did an amazing job for that fight.


We will be doing another fresh run next week and I expect a full attendance. I have been inviting a lot of people lately because I really don't know how many we have since not everyone has been showing up.

This week, I will be taking note of everyone's attendance. Our biggest raid group so far has been a 27 man raid. We average around 25 people and I think that's a really good number. I always want the raid average to be over 20 since we want to have enough for mythic.

After next week's raid, I will decide whether or not to close recruitment and it will depend on how big our group is. So please show up if you want to keep your raid spot.

Overall, good job! As of right now, we are ranked 17th in Korgath. Probably not for long but atleast we made it up there even for a short while!


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