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Welcome (Must read, Reminders, ETC)

GM / May 27, 2015
Hey Everyone!

We finally have a guild website! I will be posting announcements, polls, scheduled raids, and random news here so be sure to check it when you can. With this site, I'll be able to post longer and more detailed announcements. Questions can also be posted here. Feel free to use the forums once you are registered.


We finally killed Blackhand Heroic after weeks of close calls! We also managed to 18-man Mythic Kargath which helped us rank up from 89th to 52nd in the server. We are planning to do Mythic BRF within 2 weeks minimum. We still need a few DPS and some of our new raiders still need gear. It would be awesome if core raiders could step up help out the new members gear up as well by running them through raids. We run normal BRF/Heroic Highmaul on Saturdays and it would be helpful if more people show up instead of the usual group consisting of only 4-5 core raiders.


This is a reminder to be more patient to those who are new to the group and make mistakes. We all didn't start out as good as we are now to raid mechanics. When there's a new recruit, I try my best to run them through raids, explain the fights, and give them BOE gear so they can be as raid ready as possible. I really don't appreciate negative feedback from people who do nothing to help new people whatsoever. Some, more than others should know that feeling of being new to raiding or their class/spec and should not be so pessimistic all the time. Leave it to the Raid Leader, Officers to make decisions regarding the raid group and refrain from talking over/distracting the raid leader as well. Mastel already has alot of weight on his shoulders taking time between his busy schedule to raid lead for us. Let's not stress him out more guys. If you have any problems, whisper me (Liv, Rigby)and I will gladly discuss it with the other officers if it's worth discussing.

Also, give credit where it's due. We have done a good job running the guild so far and it clearly shows judging from our guild's progress compared to the other guilds that we have passed, ranking wise,and we're not stopping there. We will only get better from here.

Recruiting isn't easy at all since there's a alot of competition out there. Rest assured, I will be trying my best to complete our group of 20 for Mythic. The first 2 bosses lined up for Mythic Blackrock Foundry will be Beastlord Darmac and Oregorger. Please watch a video or read up on those fights so we can down those fights with ease.

But overall, it was a good week and everyone should be happy.

Good job Guild!

P.S. Check the Poll. It will be up for 5 days. Also if anyone is a Photoshop expert, let me know. Thanks!



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